Zamami | Okinawa | Japan

October 2017


Zamami was the largest and livest island with around thirty types of accommodation and plenty of restaurants open past sunset. The bus service to each of the beaches was very efficient, they departed every thirty minutes from the port.

Zamamian’s are obsessed with Shisa, traditional Ryukyuan pottery resembling a cross between a lion and a dog. Shisa are believed to protect from evils so we found them in abundance on every roof, doorway and wall in the Zamami.


Nakayamagwa Guest house – Very accommodating and gave us extra bedding.


Dinner –

Ai – no – Umi – On the third floor of the Shurahama guesthouse. A traditional no-shoes, tropical themed restaurant. We had the seaweed – kimchi shallots – seafood salad – Somen with tuna for around Y3000.

Wayama Mozuku Noodle – Noodle place next to the harbour. We stopped by after the beach just before our ferry. We devoured the Mozuku soba with the famous life prolonging seaweed and okinawa pork rice. I’m presuming I will now live to 120 years old, like the rest of the Okinawans.


Furuzamami – Ama – Ames – All are really easy to get to by bus from the port. One way is Y300 per person.

Furuzamami – This was the busiest of all the beaches we went to. The coral reef here is one of the best I’ve seen and comes right but to the beach shore. The fish are in abundance here, huge shoals surround you. However, we did see two sea snakes around the coral but nobody seemed to be worried, even though they’re deadly. We put up an umbrella at the right end of the beach and left our things to explore around the corner. Isolated pristine beaches are never far away on the islands but I wouldn’t risk swimming alone because of the very strong currents… and sea snakes.

Ama – We ran out of time to go here but apparently this is the best place to see Turtles in the morning on a high tide. The waters are very shallow here so you can only swim at high tide.

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