Aka Island | Okinawa | Japan

October 2017

Aka island

If you’re looking for peace and quiet, Aka island is for you. It’s one of the smallest islands in the Kerama’s with a very small population. We met so many kind people on the Island, it felt like a family community. The genuine people and the beautiful beaches made Aka my favourite island.

How to get there

Tokashiki – Aka Island by boat – We got the 4.05pm ferry from Aharen fishing port. At first, we were the only people in the isolated port, I was worried we were in the wrong place but eventually a few others turned up. It cost Y700 each for the 30 minute crossing to Aka.


Housei – Ran by the legendary Umi – I was blown away and humbled by her attentiveness  – she even drove us in her little truck to the ferry (less than 1km). She waited with us until we boarded to leave, told us stories about the island and waved us goodbye. I doubt I’ll experience a host like this again and will treasure the memory.


Nishibama Beach – We hired a bike from the local shop (Y1000) and cycled to the beach, it took about 10 minutes. You can walk as well, it takes about 25 minutes apparently.

Out of all the insanely beautiful beaches in the Kerama islands, this was my favourite. Maybe it was because it has just the right amount of people on the beach or maybe it was the perfect coral that started one meter from shore. It was mostly because I unexpectedly hang out with a one finned turtle for an hour, we casually bobbed around the coral like it was like an ordinary day. At first, I tried to take photos on my iPhone with a useless waterproof case from amazon, but it didn’t quite work out. I wished for a while I had a water proof go-pro but I decided to let it go and ‘be in the moment’, a perfect moment I’ll never forget.

Processed with VSCO with a4 preset


La cafe tier – Part shack, part restaurant, part coffee shop, part wine bar, this venue was newly opened by Sutki. He was very sweet and took us through his short Okinawan menu and recommended the strong Okinawan sake. I loved how he used coral as chopstick holders!

BB’s – Ran by Mike – an English guy and his Okinawan wife. We had a good chat about why he chose to live on Aka island, though he misses the cold English weather. Their specialities were Coconut rice and mango shaved ice. Conveniently, they’re also a one-stop-shop for sun umbrellas, snorkel hire and beach essentials.

Processed with VSCO with a4 preset


This is the only place in the world you can see the indigenous Kerama deer, they’re small cousins of the famous Japanese deer. They only come out at night so we sat by the shore and watched their shadows.

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