Lisbon – What you need to know

April 2017

In a sentence; Lisbon is the perfect combination of city meets beach, traditional vs modern, shabby and chic.

Neighbourhoods in Lisbon

Baixa / Chiado – Buzzing city centre with a mix of historical landmarks and international modernism.

Liberade Castilho – North Lisbon is where the luxury lives. Expect international  sophistication such as Four Seasons Hotels, Chanel and Rossio Restaurant.

Barrio Alto – West of Lisbon is the cool, eclectic and local scene.

Belem – Further west of Barrio Alto, Belem is the place for culture, museums and monuments. Expect lots of tourists, try to go as early as possible.

LXFactory – A mecca of all things hipster in the most perfectly designed derelict district I’ve ever visited.

Sintra –  A resort town and UNESCO site in the foothills of Portugal’s Sintra Mountains, near the capital, Lisbon. A longtime royal sanctuary, its forested terrain is studded with pastel coloured villas and palaces. Don’t forget the beautiful beaches.


I got the metro from the Airport to Barrio Alto costing €2 and it took 1 hour. My partner took an uber costing €12 and it took 20 minutes. Moral of the story – if time is precious, get an uber. If money is precious, get public transport. 

As always, we felt our time was more precious and got Uber’s pretty much everywhere. 

Walking – We walked where we could to burn of the red wine and pastel de nada’s and our legs felt it the next day! If you didn’t already know, Lisbon is built on seven steep hills, so make sure you bring comfy shoes and avoid heels! 

Trams – The trams were built to quickly get up and down the hills within the very narrow streets. Nowadays, they are a cute tourist attraction and get very busy but worth the wait, my advise – get the number 28 it’s takes you on a tour round the city. 


PEEPKEY – This is the app I used to plan all my trips. It works off your GPS so you don’t need the internet to use it unlike iphone maps and google maps, download it! You can save your ‘pins’ with different symbols and colours to made it extra easy to differentiate. It’s easy to share via message and email when all parties have the app. It’s free for the first map and then 69p for every additional, a small price to pay for such convenience.

If this excites you, get in touch, I can share the maps I’ve created.


Below are some of my favourite photos of the trip but check out the other posts on Lisbon for more details and photos.



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