ICELAND | Waterfalls and Beaches

March 2017:


We drove to Vik from Geysir which took around 4 hours on Route 1 but of corse, we stopped off to see the spectacular sights and hairy horses on the way.



Seljalandsfoss – At 65 meters tall this is one of Icelands tallest waterfalls. It was shaded and absolutely freezing with the spray, we couldn’t stay long here.

Skogafoss – This was my absolute favourite waterfall and we spent the longest time here (1 hour). You can climb the stairs to the top and look down, you can also walk right down into the mouth of the fall. The fall faces the sun creating huge full size rainbows, we walked right up the ends to find the pot of gold. We didn’t find the gold but the experience was just as golden.

Vik – The most southern town in Iceland located at the base of the biggest active volcano in Iceland. The village has a population of 300 and has the cutest colourful houses lodged between the volcano glaciers and it’s black beaches. It’s well worth a visit and is a great pit stop to continue to the east of Iceland.

Puffins – April – September is puffin season but here is one of the best places to see the birds. We had to make to with the fluffy souvenirs versions.

Glacier Walk on Sólheimajökull Glacier – We walked from the carpark to the base of the glacier and it’s melting lake, it’s an epic sight and thought provoking to think how much global warming has effected the size. You can pay to go on a guided tour but we were too late in the day, make sure you book ahead or go early in the morning. The cafe is a great addition, serving cakes and coffee, I took a latte on the walk with me and felt so content.

The Black Sand Beach – Firstly, go to the black beach in Vik, you will be one of the only humans there on a winter day. Secondly, drive around the volcano and down to the other side of the beach which is officially ‘The Black Sand Beach’ here you will be accompanied by hundreds of tourists but it’s a sight worth seeing.


Halldordkaffi – Traditional, cosy Icelandic house with great food and shop attached with lots of puffin souvenirs.


Icelandic Hotel Vik – Modern considered design with a sea view – what more could you want?







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