ICELAND | The Blue Lagoon and Grindavik

March 2017:



The Blue Lagoon – Obviously, this is the main attraction of the area, the Icelandic’s do so well positioning attractions to spread out the tourism on the island. Driving towards the lagoon is like driving on Mars, jagged volcanic rocks as far as the eye can see with pink cloud plumes sprouting from the thermo power stations.

Tickets range from £50 – £100, basic – luxury. We went for the 8am sunrise slot and the £70 comfort ticket, but to be honest, the basic package would have been fine. Once you get into the changing rooms and the Lagoon, everyone gets the same treatment, a pair of slippers and a coffee doesn’t warrant the price difference and we still had to line up for 30 minutes to get in. In the changing rooms, make sure you take advantage of the conditioner to keep your hair soft, I conditioned my hair a few times but it was still very dry for a few days after – try and keep your hair out of the water.

Once in, we watched the incredibly beautiful sun rise through the pastel shaded mists, taking some great photos with a water proof cover (we still kept it out of the water, I don’t trust it’s 100% safe). The masks provided are great exfoliators and cleansers, my skin felt throughly clear and squeaky clean. After a few hours of lolling around the white milky waters the sun had risen enough to see the increasing number of visitors so made a break for the cafe that looks over the Blue Lagoon from the dry, comfort and warmth.

Gunnuhver Hot Springs – After lunch we took a drive around the area, it’s about an hour drive loop, stopping off at the main sights. First we stopped at Gunnuhver Hot Springs, it has less tourism than Geysir and its much more actively dramatic. Drive past the iconic lighthouse to get to The Leif AKA Lucky Bridge spans the Álfagjá rift valley that marks the boundary of the Eurasian and North American continental tectonic plates, this is the only place in the world where the plates protrude out of the ocean, a truly spectacular sight.


Lagafell Guesthouse – We stayed 2 nights here, it’s a 10 minute drive to the Blue Lagoon which is perfect as we had the 8am time slot.

Silica Hotel – Stunning considered design and true luxury. It was fully booked for our dates, but this year they plan to double the size of the hotel. A thought to consider if you want an exclusive and luxury feel. Prices start from £250 a night but this includes access to the Lagoon which is £100 plus so overall all quite good value to stay.


Lava  – The Blue Lagoon has a cafe and a beautiful fine dining experience – LAVA – both on the pricer side.

Hja Hollu – This was one of my favourite restaurants on the whole trip. Chic, casual and well run brunch in Grindavik town. It was delicious, healthy and reasonably priced.


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