Malibu | California



The locals surf early morning, sitting in front of the ocean view houses on stilts.


Attempt to surf, if you have experience.

Yoga – Malibu Health club; the teacher must have been a part time Pamila Anderson look a like, but she was very experienced and there was only 3 of us in the class so almost one on one. The class cost $20, great value.

Try yoga on the beach in the summer.


Malibu Farm Cafe – Set at the end of the pier overlooking the surf, this restaurant is casual, organic and local sourced. Fairly priced for the beautiful setting. Watch out for the seagulls on your leftovers!

Malibu Farm – Situated on the entrance to the pier, this restaurant has a more formal vibe from it’s partner with a sit down table service. However, the beautiful seated terrace at the front is perfect for a sunset cocktail or afternoon machiato pick me up.

Nobu – The infamous sushi joint combined with a perfect view. Book ahead and get a terrace table. Expect to pay alot for you sushi but it will be worth it for the ambiance.


Lumber Yard – for all things beach. Top 3; Blue life, James Perse and Urban. Price ranges from low to high.

Malibu Store – Sat next to the cafe is a lighthouse shop full of tasteful malibu souvenirs alongside local brands. Expect premium price tags.


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